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Mount Isa City

Mount Isa a beautiful regional city, which provides its residents with a somewhat stress-free outback lifestyle, with numerous jobs and opportunities, whilst having all the big city services and amenities one could need.

Mount Isa is the major economic hub of North West Queensland, with supportive infrastructure and access, such as the fully service airport to Darwin, Townsville, and Brisbane.  Mining activity in dates to the 1920s and is located within the world’s greatest single minerals province – the North West Minerals Province.  Mining in the region has focused on a range of base and precious metals and other minerals including copper, gold, lead, silver, phosphate, zinc, and uranium. Exploration and construction are also significant activities in Mount Isa.  The mining and minerals industry dominate Mount Isa’s economy representing around 55% of its output and 30% of its employment.

Mount Isa is closely linked to the world economy, which is great news for the local city and the wider region. The transition into a cleaner, Global economy means larger base metal and critical mineral demand from the investment and adoption of technologies that go into the renewable’s economy. This should mean that all the supportive infrastructure and services in Mount Isa City and around the entire region will be accessible for many years to come.

This is great news for the numerous projects that are starting to switch on in the local area. From the Phosphate mines of the Ardmore region to the Eastern fold belts numerous discoveries like Copper Canyon, Kalman and the Lady Fanny deposits there is plenty of action happening meaning supportive of the local economy and businesses. This helps to alleviate some of issues around higher, uneconomic CapEx and OpEx that many junior explorers face in other areas of Australia.

Exploration is continually growing and the more the region grows the more this regions geological and mineral knowledge is becoming understood. Many explorers are on the hunt for the traditional minerals, such as copper and silver-lead-zinc however, are also now searching for economic deposits of precious metals and rare earths.  International mining companies are increasingly confident with Queensland’s resource base, labour skills and as a place to invest. This has been reflected in a 35% increase in minerals exploration in 2018.