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The Mount Isa region is a well established mineral exploration, development and mining hub. As an explorer in this district, Mount Isa Minerals Limited is mindful of its environmental and social responsibility.

Mount Isa Minerals Limited is engaged with the Traditional Owners and their representatives and continue to listen and understand more about the connection that Indigenous people have with the land. We demonstrate our commitment by making sustainable improvements, working in partnership with Indigenous people and Traditional Owners.

Mount Isa Minerals Limited is engaged with the local council, contractors, pastoralists and business to help support the community. Our approach will be characterised by effective two-way communication, consultation and partnering to ensure our exploration are not impacting stakeholders work and operations.

Mount Isa Minerals Limited has developed an ESG framework to ensure that the company operates to the highest standards in its dealings with the Mount Isa community, shareholders, and all stakeholders.